NC Seamless Front Striped Leggings Preto

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Size Chart for CLS Leggings/Bottoms and Tops

Please note some fabrics have more elasticity than others. Follow our chart for proper sizing.
Size Chart for CLS Leggings/Bottoms and Tops

Product Description

Our Confort leggings are made with an incredibly stretchy, durable, cottony soft with a natural touch fabric that will make you feel ready to conquer any workout. They are designed with a comfortable polyamide and elastane blend that will offer a great combination of elasticity and compression.  The mesh portion provides maximum breathability and a flattering color block detail.

  • Fabric: Confort/ Aerobic (Polyamide/ Elastane)
  • Length: 25″
  • Scrunch to back rise
  • Waistband: Optional ( High Waist or V-Cut)
  • Double layer waistband
  • Contrasting multi-color panels
  • No front seam

Additional information

Bottom Size

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


High Waist, V Cut Front Waist

1 review for NC Seamless Front Striped Leggings Preto

  1. Melissa Mistrali

    I am satisfied! they are comfortable and are very well worn, they undoubtedly make a nice side b.
    the only flaw is pulling the stitched between the legs a little while doing the squat and I’m afraid that the weft, in correspondence with the strips, gets worn out or holes easily. in any case I am happy with the purchase!

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